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Commercial Laundry

We provide Commercial Laundry services to Military Bases, Hotels, Hospitals and Companies. Read More

Group Management

We provide long and short term group accommodation to Military, Government and Business group travelers. Read More

Staffing Solutions

We provide subcontracting IT and Management staffing solutions to companies and government agencies. Read More

Wecost  " Meeting and Exceeding Acquisition Requirement "  for the Government and  Corporate procurement Agencies.


WeCost helps acquisition agencies in the DOD/ Military acquire goods and services from top-local and global suppliers for their group personnel travels needs. Read More


At Wecost, We help Government Procurement Agents acquire services for personnels traveling at home or abroad. We are committed to providing the highest quality and best price possible. Read More


At Wecost, we help Corporate Acquisition Agents procure services for group of personnel traveling. We find local and global suppliers and manage the process to ensure the best value. Read More

Our Story

Some small businesses lack the ability to satisfy groups with unique requirements .  For instance, though a business may provide a car rental service,  they may not be able to rent a car fleet to a group with quantity and quality specification, unique delivery schedules and single monthly billing. These issues may hinder the business ability to do business with the Government. 

Wecost serves as a bridge between Government and large Corporations with small local businesses. We Experts studies your solicitation, builds the right team and find the right businesses to satisfy the solicitation.  Our team then works with the small business to enhance the capabilities applying our innovative management processes -- helping us meet and exceed the  performance works statements requirements.

Our approaches help the Government and large Corporation get the best value from local providers - while fostering the growth of local and small businesses.


Wecost  "Meeting and exceeding acquisition requirements"


Wecost mission is to help government and corporate acquisition agencies procure goods and services to meet and exceed their specific requirements.  We align acquisition needs with the best local suppliers and manage the process from start to finish to ensure the optimum value.  

Our reach expands nationally across all 50 States in the US/ Territories and globally in Europe, Africa, South and North America, Middle East and Asia.

With a unique project to provider alignment strategy, experts managerial procedures, Wecost is capable, and has the experience to manage projects in industries spanning,

  1. Healthcare
  2. Hospitality
  3. IT and Information Technology
  4. Business Services